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3D Printed Face Shields

3D Printed Face Shields for health and public workers are produced in The Gambia from 3D printed parts and locally available materials. Our company produced more than 4000 shields since March 2020 and delivered to various health facilities, offices and Ministry of Health.


Long time use of the face masks might not be comfortable and can cause pain when hooked on the ears. Earsavers are designed to hold face mask on the right position without putting pressure on the ears.

Door Handle Adapters

Door Handle Adapters prevent people to touch the door handles with the hand and potentially spread infection. They allow people to use the arm or elbow to open and close the doors.
covid hook

Universal Hook

This special tool is used to open the doors, press the buttons, turn the keys, pick small items without having direct contact with those. It can be attached to the keys.

Templates for Face Masks

By using our templates tailors can be sure that their masks will have a unified standard size and shape.